Appointlet Vs Calendly: Reviews & Pricing [2024]

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If you’re having trouble in your project or business scheduling meetings internally, with clients or partners, using an appointment scheduling software will give you the boost you need.

And among all the alternatives, there’s Appointlet, Calendly and a third option that you need to be aware of.

Let’s talk more about their features and prices so you can decide which one is better, and if you don’t like either of the two options, you’ll meet Cronos, the best option for scheduling appointments online.

One free subscription and two payment plans starting at $10 per user per month
One free subscription and three payment plans starting at $12 per month
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Appointlet is a software made to streamline the management of appointments inside and outside your business. It’s a platform made for the ease and convenience of organizers and attendees alike.

Appointlet Vs Calendly: Appointlet homepage.

With Appointlet, you can avoid double bookings in your calendar, set up breaks between meetings, avoid last-minute bookings conflicting with your plans, and much more.

All of that is done through a simple and clean interface, where people can easily recognize the app’s features to use them quickly, which is appealing especially for people without experience with these services.


Let’s take a look at the usefulness of Appointlet through three interesting features of the tool:

Share your availability with a single link

With Appointlet, you can define your schedule, connect your calendar and generate a link to your scheduling page. You can share this link via email, text message, social media or even embed it on your website.

Your time is valuable and Cronos knows it

Automatically schedule appointments and free up time in your day

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This way, people interested in meeting with you can see your availability and book a time that works for them and you.

Appointlet Vs Calendly: Appointlet interface.

Avoid double bookings, last minute bookings and plan changes

Appointlet syncs with your calendar and reviews existing events to avoid overbooking appointments. You can also set rules about how early or late a booking can be made, so you have enough time to prepare. This is a detail the tool shares with another scheduler, Savvycal.

Furthermore, you can enable the option to manually approve or reject meeting requests, and allow one-click cancellation and rescheduling. Appointlet takes care of notifying attendees by email of any changes.

Customize your scheduling page and emails

Appointlet helps you showcase your brand identity and make a good impression on your visitors. You can add your company logo, name, and colors to your scheduling page, as well as a welcome message.

You can also remove Appointlet branding on your page and in emails sent to attendees. This way, you can offer a professional and consistent scheduling experience.


Appointlet has 3 subscription plans. The first one is completely free, the second one is paid with monthly payments or annual billing, and the last one must be negotiated directly with Appointlet’s sales department for a tailored deal.

Appointlet Vs Calendly: Appointlet pricing.


This subscription plan is ideal for those who want to try Appointlet at no cost. You can have unlimited members, unlimited meetings, connect your calendar and share your availability with a single link.

You can also cancel and reschedule events, integrate Zoom, Meet, MS Teams, Webex and more, and avoid double bookings. 

This subscription is free, but has some limitations, such as the number of scheduling pages, meeting types, form fields and meeting instructions you can create.


The second plan costs $10 per member per month, or $96 per member per year (saving 20%).

This option includes all the features of the free subscription and offers new ones, such as manually confirming bookings, collecting payments by PayPal and Stripe, pre-filling form fields, redirecting after booking, and disabling Appointlet branding.

This plan also removes some restrictions from the previous plan. You’ll now be able to create unlimited booking pages, and have as many meeting types as you need.


If you need a service with priority support, this is the best plan for you. Beyond the premium features, you’ll have access to priority customer support, advanced security measures, and quarterly account reviews.

This plan doesn’t have a fixed price, as each business must negotiate directly with Appointlet the terms of the agreement in order to have a service tailored to their needs.


Another appointment scheduling app is Calendly. This platform is very popular among freelancers, work teams and companies, as it offers several useful features for daily work and integrations with other digital tools.

With Calendly, people can build a smooth work process that allows them to optimize time and free up space in their agenda to achieve greater productivity.

 In addition, the tool allows you to monitor meeting metrics to make data-driven decisions.

Calendly’s interface presents all of its options in a neat and professional manner that people experienced with such platforms will find easy to navigate.


Just like Appointlet, Calendly presents different features to users so that they can schedule appointments faster. Among these we have:

API Tool

Calendly has an API that lets you integrate the software with other platforms and apps to automate and optimize your business processes.

Take the lead and automate processes

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For example, you can connect Calendly with Salesforce to create or update leads and contact records when scheduling a meeting. You can also integrate Calendly with Zapier, to access more than 700 apps and services, such as Gmail, Slack, Mailchimp, HubSpot, and more.

Mobile alerts

Calendly sends notifications to your cell phone when a meeting is scheduled, canceled, or modified. This way, you can stay on top of your schedule and not miss any important event.

Appointlet Vs Calendly: Calendly booking page.

You can also access your Calendly account from your mobile device, to view and manage your events.

Detects the time zone

Calendly automatically detects the time zone of your meeting participants and shows them your availability in their local time zone, so everyone can avoid confusion and misunderstandings when scheduling events with people from different countries or regions, just like HubSpot Meetings.


Calendly’s pricing structure has 1 additional plan over Appointlet. Otherwise, it shares several features, such as free plans, dedicated business subscriptions, and paying for payment plans with monthly or annual fees.

Appointlet Vs Calendly: Calendly pricing.


Calendly’s first plan is ideal for those who want to try the service at no cost and want to better manage their online meetings. This first plan offers:

  • Unlimited meetings with one event type
  • Connection to 1 calendar
  • Integration with Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Zoom
  • Send automated event notifications
  • Incorporate scheduling into your website

Note that this plan has limitations, such as the number of calendar connections per person, the number of active event types, and the presence of Calendly branding.


It’s Calendly’s first paid plan, and costs $12 per user per month, or $120 per member per year. In addition to including the features of the previous one, it has other interesting changes such as:

  • Create group (with one organizer and multiple attendees) and collective (of two organizers and one attendee) events
  • Connect up to 6 calendars to check availability and schedules
  • Create unlimited private event types
  • Send reminders and reconfirmation requests
  • Customize your branding and logos on your website
  • Integrate with hundreds of apps, including Hubspot, PayPal and Stripe
  • Access to live chat support


This is Calendly’s most popular subscription, as it offers interesting features for intermediate work teams that need to further streamline their processes. On a monthly basis, it’s priced at $20 per user, and if you choose to pay on annual billing, its value is $192.

The most important features of this subscription are:

  • Connection to Salesforce to transfer meeting data to the CRM
  • Rotating events
  • Route leads with Hubspot, Marketo or Pardot forms
  • Lock and sync event templates managed by administrators
  • Enable SSO (Single Sign-On)
  • Routing form analytics


The cost of this subscription varies based on the needs and members of the organizations, so each one must contact Calendly’s sales department to establish the service they want.

It’s an ideal option for large companies that need a service with security guarantees, as this plan includes:

  • Use the full suite of Salesforce routing functionality.
  • Access to accelerated support, onboarding, and implementation
  • Legal and security reviews
  • Dedicated Calendly partner account

Appointlet and Calendly face-off

It’s time to compare Appointlet and Calendly in more depth to learn how they differ in more strategic aspects for those interested in acquiring one or the other. Let’s take a look.


Appointlet has a 3-subscription tier pricing structure. The first subscription, although free, already includes appealing features for beginners, one of the most important audiences of the tool.

Use your free time as you wish

Cronos is here for you to focus on what matters to you

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Calendly, on the other hand, offers 4 plans for all users, with features that scale as projects become more stable and more profitable. If this is what you are aiming for, Calendly may be a better tool for the medium to long term.


Appointlet is a tool primarily focused on improving online appointment scheduling and nothing more. While the platform can more than accomplish this, it doesn’t include CRM features that some companies might need.

The former is something Calendly does have by offering integration with Salesforce and forms like Marketo and Pardot. Also, by offering integrations with a large number of apps, it is much easier to build a seamless work process.


Appointlet is a useful app for freelancers and small or intermediate work teams. When it comes to larger companies, the tool may start to fall short.

Calendly, on the other hand, is better prepared to meet the needs of all levels of business, from first-time freelancers to established companies, all thanks to its pricing structure that splits the platform’s different features wisely.

Which is the best?

Appointlet is a very useful tool if you don’t want to or can’t invest a lot in an appointment scheduling app and don’t have very demanding needs. If this is your case, Appointlet will be more than enough for you.

On the other hand, people who need a more sophisticated and advanced platform for their day-to-day life will have a better experience using Calendly, as it not only provides everything they need to schedule appointments online, but also very interesting CRM features.

Cronos: a better alternative for scheduling meetings online

Even though we have talked about two very good apps for scheduling meetings, they aren’t the only ones out there. Among all of them, the best of all is Cronos. Check out why below.


With Cronos, you can create different types of meetings and define their name, duration, description, and your availability for the week. 

By doing so, you’ll have an appointment form that you can share with attendees so that they can book their appointments under your terms.

For each new meeting, you’ll receive a confirmation email, and as Cronos automatically syncs with your Google Calendar, a new event in your schedule, where you can add more meeting details and add Google Meet’s video call feature as well.

Are you ready for the future?

Cronos is the next step. Don’t fall behind

Meet Cronos

Use Cronos

Anyone and any organization can use Cronos, as the app offers an accessible experience with an intuitive interface that includes only the elements needed to schedule quickly and effectively.


Cronos is completely free. Whether you are a freelancer or a company, you won’t have to pay to use the tool.

Which tool to choose?

Whether you use Appointlet or Calendly, you are betting on increasing the productivity of your project by using a platform that frees up time from your day-to-day. Thus, you’ll be able to do more tasks in less time and achieve your goals quicker.

However, with Cronos you can achieve better results, since the service is simpler to use and you won’t spend time getting used to the tool. 

When you start with Cronos, the quality leap is instantaneous. Click here to begin your Cronos journey now!



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