When2Meet Vs Doodle: Features & Pricing [2024]

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Among all the scheduling apps out there, two of them are When2Meet and Doodle. While the former does the job fairly easily, Doodle stands out for going beyond and offering something more sophisticated.

Get to know the features and subscriptions of each app, and if none of them convince you, don’t worry, because we’d like to present you with the best alternative of them all: Cronos.

Completely free with a donation system
One free subscription and three payment plans starting at $14,95 monthly
Completely free for everyone
Dedicated to organizing casual meetings between friends or acquaintances.
Prepared to schedule casual or business meetings in teams and small or medium-sized companies
Designed for freelancers, teams, and companies interested in a powerful and easy-to-use tool
Cloud-based, Schedule meetings by week or month and more
Online meetings with Microsoft Teams, appointment notifications and more
Sync with Google Calendar, unlimited meetings, customized links and more


When2Meet is a scheduling app for casual use. Unlike other similar services, it’s completely free and works only on browsers.

When2Meet is designed more for everyday meetings, and although it can be used for business meetings, there are much better prepared apps for that.



Just log in to the When2Meet website to start creating meetings. You won’t need a desktop or mobile version to use the app.

Dedicated to automating bookings

When2Meet is built to streamline the process of creating meeting events and sharing them, mostly because that’s all users can do with the platform.

Different booking modes

With When2Meet, you can choose to create polls to define meetings on specific days of the month. If you prefer, you can also create polls only for certain days of the week. 

Your time is valuable and Cronos knows it

Automatically schedule appointments and free up time in your day

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When2Meet is completely free, you don’t need to pay anything to use the app. This being so, it’s a good option for small businesses, personal trainers, chiropractors, among others.

However, the platform offers a completely voluntary donation system to receive funding and help its sustainability.


Unlike When2Meet, Doodle is a more conventional booking app. It has a pricing system, integrations, and much more developed software to compete in the market.

Although Doodle started as a service for casual use, it later incorporated options that made it an interesting option for freelancers, workgroups and certain companies.


Respect for your privacy

Doodle doesn’t store your personal data nor those of your assistants, but simply your email information, something that other apps don’t promise.

Meeting surveys

If you want to schedule a group meeting, you can create a survey and share it among the people who want or need to participate and thus define a day and time that fits everyone’s schedule.

Cloud-based, no installation required

Neither you nor meeting participants need to download software to use Doodle, as everyone can use the app directly from the browser to create or vote in polls, connect to video calls and more.


Doodle has four subscription tiers for all users. While the first one is free, the next two have costs that you can pay monthly or annually.

Doodle Vs Calendly: Doodle prices

The fourth plan must be negotiated by each organization with Doodle’s sales team, as it is a fully customized service tailored to their needs.


It’s an interesting plan for those who don’t need much of a scheduling app. With this subscription, you can create as many surveys as you need and integrate Doodle with Zoom and Google Meet.

However, it’s not all good, as you can only create 1 booking page and 1 type of 1-on-1 meeting.


The second subscription offers much more than the previous one, such as an ad-free service, create as many booking pages as you need, customize Doodle with your brand, and add more video calling options such as Webex and Microsoft Teams.

Take the lead and automate processes

Cronos will schedule meetings for you

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This plan has a monthly price of $14.95 per user, and if you pay annually, a cost of $83.4 per year.


Doodle’s third subscription is even more advanced than the previous one, but instead of adding more appointment scheduling options, it pays more attention to the security measures that every growing project must consider. Specifically, this plan includes:

  • Admin Console
  • Role and permissions management
  • Activity reports
  • Booking by proxy

The plan is priced at $19.95 per month, and if you pay annually, the cost is $107.4.


It’s a tailor-made plan designed especially for organizations that need a specialized environment. Along with the features of the previous plans, this one offers priority support, dedicated user training, single sign-on (SSO), and more.

When2Meet Vs Doodle: Face-off

Now that we know When2Meet and Doodle better, we can compare them on specific features to find out which is the best app for scheduling online meetings. 


When2Meet is mainly useful for organizing meetings between groups of friends, as the whole process is done on a simple-to-use platform that doesn’t require any payment or installation.

Doodle, on the other hand, is a much more adaptable tool, since it isn’t only used casually, but also adjusts to the needs of work groups and companies.


When2Meet is a completely free tool, you won’t have to pay anything to use it. Although it offers a donation system, they are completely optional and voluntary.

Doodle also has a free service, but it is quite limited. If you want a more sophisticated and extensive experience, you’ll have to pay for one of their other 3 subscriptions.


You can just use When2Meet to schedule meetings more easily. You can create events to help you define meetings for the whole month or just a week, but beyond that, the app is very limited.

Doodle also focuses mostly on helping you schedule appointments, but it includes complementary features that take the experience to another level. It also supports you in terms of security features.

Which is the best?

Overall, Doodle is a much better alternative to When2Meet, as it offers a more complete service throughout its subscriptions and goes a bit further than just scheduling appointments.

That said, if you just want to easily set up meetings and don’t want anything more than that, When2Meet may be a better option.

Cronos: the best online booking app

It’s true that When2Meet and Doodle are two good apps for scheduling meetings, but they are not the only ones out there.

If you want a better experience, look no further, because Cronos gives you everything you need. Learn more below.


Cronos is an easy-to-use app that fits the needs of hundreds of users and organizations, including yours!

Cronos is simple, all you need to do is sign up and start creating meeting events with details such as:

  • Meeting name
  • Description
  • Approximate duration
  • Time availability

You’ll have a meeting form ready to share wherever you want, be it on a website, business card, social media, emails, mailings and more.

Everyone with the link can book on the days and times you have defined. For each new event you have scheduled with Cronos, you’ll receive an automatic notification and a new event in your Google Calendar thanks to its automatic sync with Cronos.

You’ll also have an automatic Google Meet link to make video calls.


You can use Cronos at no cost and enjoy several interesting features, such as the creation of meeting events, integration with Google Calendar and Google Meet, customized booking links, and more.

Use your free time as you wish

With Cronos, you can focus on what really matters to you and your business

Meet Cronos

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You can have a better experience with Cronos if you pay $6.99 per month or $60.00 per year. With this additional payment, you can include custom questions in the appointment form, send automatic reminders, and also invite and manage your entire team in Cronos!

Let’s wrap it up

Both When2Meet and Doodle are effective appointment scheduling solutions, but the usefulness of each will depend on your needs. If you want something very simple, When2Meet is more than enough. If you need a more sophisticated app, Doodle is better.

Whatever your situation, Cronos is a much better alternative. The app offers a smooth and convenient booking experience for organizers and attendees alike, adjusting to hundreds of use cases and the needs of every business, including yours!

Click here to check it out!



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