Setmore Vs Calendly: Features & Pricing [2024]

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Among the different meeting scheduling tool options, two of the most widely used are Setmore and Calendly, and today you’ll learn why.

Get to know the features of each app and their different subscriptions to find out which one is the best fit for you. Plus, if neither one convinces you, we’ll also talk about a third and better option, Cronos.

One free plan and two payment subscriptions starting at $12 per user per month
One free subscription and three payment plans starting at $12 per month
Completely free for everyone
Help organizers schedule meetings quickly to free up time in their day
Optimized for high-level work processes of freelancers, teams and companies of all sizes
Designed for freelancers, teams, and companies interested in a powerful and easy-to-use tool
Mail and text message reminders, recurring appointments and more
Metrics tracking and reporting, rotating events and more
Sync with Google Calendar, custom booking links, automatic notifications
Mail and text message reminders, recurring appointments and more
Metrics tracking and reporting, rotating events and more
Sync with Google Calendar, custom booking links, automatic notifications


Setmore is an online appointment scheduling service that aims to help freelancers and teams better manage their internal meetings, as well as their meetings with prospects and partners for a better overall experience.

Setmore Vs Calendly: Setmore homepage

Setmore helps you automate workflows by setting up mail sequences for meeting attendees. These sequences include meeting confirmations and reminders to reduce the number of no-shows and cancellations.

Setmore also allows you to customize your booking page with not only your schedule availability, but also additional information such as the services or products you offer, payment options, and more.


To deliver value to its customers, Setmore builds on a number of strategic features to enhance the experience for meeting planners and attendees alike. Three of those features  are:

Customizable booking page

You can showcase your services and availability in real time to your potential customers. You can also customize your booking page with your logo, branding, Instagram feed and reviews.

Setmore also allows you to link your booking page to your website, Facebook profile and Instagram account to maximize your reach and attract more customers.

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Online payments

From the booking page you can easily and securely charge your clients for your services. You can integrate your Setmore account with Stripe, Square or PayPal and accept debit or credit card payments at the time of booking.

Setmore Vs Calendly: Setmore interface

You can also set up cancellation and refund policies to avoid lost revenue due to no-shows or last minute changes


Connect your Setmore calendar with other apps and services you use for your business. You can sync your events with Google Calendar, Salesforce, Outlook and more, and conduct online consultations and classes with Zoom, Teleport or Google Meet.

You can send email or SMS reminders to your customers with Mailchimp, Twilio, or Zapier, and you can access all these integrations from your computer, phone or tablet.


Setmore offers four subscriptions for all users. Except for the first one, which is completely free, the next two can be paid monthly or in a single payment for a full year of service.

Finally, Setmore’s last plan is a customized service that each organization must negotiate with the tool’s sales department.


Setmore’s first plan accepts up to 4 users per subscription. This first plan is useful for freelancers or small teams who want to better schedule online meetings. Among the features offered are:

  • Unlimited meetings
  • Accept payments
  • Android and iOS apps
  • Email reminders
  • Customizable booking page


Setmore’s first paid plan is made for 1 or 2 users per subscription. In regular monthly payments, it’s priced at USD 12 per user per month, and in a single annual fee, it is worth USD 60 per year, the equivalent of USD 5 each month.

Along with the features of the previous plan, this one adds the option to include recurring meetings, remove Setmore’s branding from the booking page, and bidirectional calendar synchronization.


Setmore’s third plan has the same price in annual mode as the previous one and a lower price in recurring monthly payments, $9 per user per month.

Unlike the Pro subscription, this one accepts an unlimited number of users, therefore being  the most important difference between plans.


Setmore’s Team plan offers all the features of the previous plans, as well as higher level integrations and facilities for business processes.

This plan has no pre-established costs, as each organization must contact Setmore directly to negotiate a customized service.


Along with Setmore, another popular appointment scheduling app for companies is Calendly. This tool offers a professional environment for teams and companies of all sizes that need advanced features when scheduling meetings internally and with clients or partners.

Setmore Vs Calendly: Setmore homepage.

Freelancers and teams using Calendly will be able to create different events on the platform and share each one with its own link. Each person with it can schedule at the times you have defined as available.

Calendly also offers form-based customer routing, meeting metrics tracking, advanced security controls, automated mail sequences, and more.


Calendly is a tool with different interesting features for freelancers, teams and large companies. Among the features it has are:

Integrations with other tools

Calendly integrates with over 100 productivity, communication, marketing and sales apps, such as Zoom, Google Calendar, Outlook, Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo and many more.

Setmore Vs Calendly: Setmore booking page.

This allows you to synchronize your availability, send customized invitations, automate tracking, collect data and optimize your workflow.

Full calendar control

Calendly gives you the chance to configure your availability according to your preferences and needs. You can set the schedule, duration, interval, and limit of meetings, as well as create different types of events for different purposes.

With Cronos, you define the terms

Define when people can meet with you and for how long

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You can also connect up to six calendars to avoid conflicts and double bookings. In addition, you can customize the look and content of your Calendly page, adding your photo, logo, colors and welcome messages.

Pre-fill guest information

This feature collects guest information prior to the meeting, such as name, email, phone, company, title, etc. This helps you better prepare for the meeting and deliver a more customized experience.

You can also use this feature to send questions, request payments, ask for consent or anything else you require.


Calendly offers its services through 4 subscriptions like Setmore. The first one is free; the second and third must be paid in monthly or annual fees, and the last one is completely customized.


This subscription is for those who want to optimize their online appointment scheduling. With it, you’ll have unlimited meetings with one type of event. You can also integrate your calendar with Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom and more.

Plus, you can customize booking links and page branding, and receive automated event notifications.


Calendly’s second plan costs $12 per user per month, or $120 per user per year ($10 per month).

With this plan, you can create group (with one organizer and multiple attendees) and collective (two organizers and one attendee) event types. You can also check multiple calendars for availability and scheduling, and create unlimited private event types.

Other features include:

  • Reminders
  • Reconfirmation requests
  • Custom branding and logos
  • Integrations with HubSpot, Paypal, and Stripe.
  • Access to live chat support.


A dedicated plan for teams that need advanced features such as reporting, meeting distribution and automations. It costs $16 per seat per month, or $144 per seat per year ($12 per month).

With this subscription, you can access all the features of the pro plan, plus some additional ones, such as connecting your calendar to Salesforce, creating rotating events, lead routing, event template locking and syncing, and optional single sign-on (SSO).


This plan is designed specifically for teams and large enterprises that require advanced security, control, and support features. However, you need to speak to a sales rep to know how much it costs.

This plan offers unique benefits such as:

  • Enable single sign-on
  • Advanced user provisioning
  • Ensure compliance with an audit trail
  • API data deletion

Setmore and Calendly: key differences

Both apps are useful for optimizing the scheduling and management of online meetings, but when faced with a possible purchase decision, which one is better? Let’s compare them.


One of the main benefits of Setmore is its accessibility, as the prices of its plans are a little lower than those of other similar apps like Acuity or Chili Piper. You can start using the paid features of the tool for as little as 5 USD if you pay annually.

For its part, Calendly has the same monthly value in its first paid plan ($12), but the next subscription has a higher monthly price than Setmore’s third plan ($16 compared to $9).


Setmore offers basic and advanced Internet appointment scheduling features, but lacks some customer routing and CRM features that could make it more attractive for commercial purposes.

Calendly, on the other hand, is more optimized for use in collecting customer information, routing them into web forms and more. Also, since it has more integrations than Setmore, it is more adjustable to your work environment.


Setmore has a neat and simple interface to offer a clean and easy to navigate space, an aspect that people who have no experience in these apps will appreciate.

Calendly, on the other hand, has a more complex interface with different features and options for users. While people with more experience may be able to use the tool without much trouble, beginners may have problems.

Which is the best?

Setmore is much more straightforward as an online appointment scheduling app by offering different features for users and projects at affordable prices. If you just want an appointment scheduling tool, Setmore is your best choice.

Calendly, on the other hand, is a more optimized tool for business purposes, as it can integrate with your CRM, collect customer information, and also offers advanced control and security features that large companies need on a daily basis.

Meet Cronos, a better alternative for scheduling meetings on the Internet

If neither Setmore nor Calendly convince you enough to use either in your day-to-day life, don’t worry. There’s another alternative you can use that will meet your expectations, and that is Cronos.

Setmore Vs Calendly: Cronos homepage.


With Cronos, you can create different events on the platform for each meeting you have. You can define your availability, duration and name of the meeting to generate a customized link to share on social networks, website, email and more.

Each person with the link will be able to book an appointment with you under the conditions you have defined, and for each new meeting, you’ll receive an automatic notification via email.

Cronos is the ultimate solution for you

It’s a simple and effective service that everyone can use

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As Cronos automatically synchronizes with Google Calendar, each new meeting you have scheduled with Cronos will automatically appear there. That will allow you to add new meeting details and Google Meet link for video calls.


Cronos is completely free for everyone. You won’t have to pay anything to use the tool’s features.

Wrapping up

Including apps such as Setmore and Calendly into your work process will bring you many benefits, such as freeing up time in your schedule, better managing your online meetings, and providing a better experience for organizers and attendees.

Cronos is another tool that will be very useful for you. The scheduler is simple to use and effectively fulfills its purpose: to help you schedule important meetings in a better way. With Cronos, you will be one step closer to your goals.



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