Setmore Vs Acuity: Reviews & Pricing [2024]

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Setmore and Acuity are two widely used apps for scheduling appointments online and freeing up time in your schedule to focus on your work.

Now, which is the better option between the two?

Let’s talk about the features and prices of both tools to find out which one is the most useful. If neither one convinces you, don’t worry, we’ll also talk about Cronos, the best way to schedule meetings online.

Let’s get started!

One free subscription and three payment plants starting at $12 per month
Three payment plans starting at $20 monthly
Completely free for everyone
Optimized to fit various business sectors
Prepared to manage service business appointments
Designed for freelancers, teams, and companies interested in a powerful and easy-to-use tool
Mobile apps, invoicing, website widget
Automated emails, smart time zones, Advanced branding
Unlimited events, automatic email notifications, Sync with Google Calendar


Setmore is one of the most used apps for scheduling online meetings. It has a very strong business focus, as it allows you to add details of your products and services on your booking pages and thus give more information to your customers.

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Setmore also integrates ways to charge for your services and products in a completely online and secure way. Along with this, it also adds integrations with other services.


Mobile apps

Setmore offers mobile apps for iOS and Android so you can access your calendar directly from your cell phone and manage your calendars and teams no matter where you are.

Team scheduling

As an admin, you can give permissions to your coworkers so they can manage their own bookings in their dedicated calendars.

Recurring meetings

If you have fixed meetings throughout the week, you can set up recurring appointments in Setmore so you don’t have to create them all over again.


Setmore has four service plans for all users. The first one is completely free, while the next two have monthly and annual prices.

The fourth and final Setmore plan doesn’t have a fixed price, as each organization must contact the tool’s sales team to negotiate a customized agreement.


Like Doodle and Calendly, Setmore also includes a free plan useful for testing the tool without any payment commitments.

This subscription tier offers several interesting features, such as scheduling unlimited meetings, accepting payments, customizing your booking page, sending email reminders, and using the Android or iOS versions of the service.


Setmore’s first paid plan is priced at $12 per user per month and $60 per year if you’ll pay for the 12 months up front.

Along with everything from the previous subscription, this plan includes the option to add recurring appointments, two-way syncing, message reminders, advanced integrations, and more.


Setmore’s third plan includes almost the same features as the previous one, adding only the ability to invite as many collaborators as you want on the platform.

It has the same annual price as the previous plan and lowers its monthly price slightly from $12 to $9 per user.


This is Setmore’s most advanced plan. It includes the features of all the previous ones and also a much wider range of customizations to further adjust the tool to your work process.

Click the following link for more Setmore alternatives for scheduling meetings online.


Acuity has a similar business approach to Setmore, being an app set up to help schedule appointments in the service sector, which greatly helps the day-to-day lives of personal trainers, chiropractors, yoga trainers and more.

With Acuity, businesses have a fast and modern way to help their customers conveniently schedule appointments with them and positively impact their user experience.


Customized booking pages

Acuity helps you create fully customized booking forms for your clients, offering a more attentive and special experience for each one of them. This will positively impact their engagement and loyalty to your business.

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Integrations with various services

Setmore vs Acuity: Setmore features.

One of Acuity’s strengths is the large number and variety of integrations it has with other services. You can use Stripe, PayPal, Google Analytics, Meet, Zoom, and other tools to make the process work for you.

Multi-site management

Depending on the Acuity plan you use, you can manage your clients’ appointments at two or more of your business locations from a single place. Plus, your collaborators can manage their own work schedule with their own clients.


Acuity offers three subscription tiers for all users, one less than Setmore, and also doesn’t include a free option. Still, it maintains the same monthly and annual payment schemes as the previous tool.


This first plan includes basic but useful features for appointment management at a single place. For example, you can receive payments via Square, Stripe and PayPal; use Zoom. Meet and GoToMeeting to make video calls, send reminders, and more.

This plan is priced at $20 per month and $192 if you pay annually.


This subscription will help you manage appointments for up to 6 different locations. You can also offer subscriptions to your customers, memberships and gift vouchers, and send SMS reminders to your entire user base.

This plan is priced at 34 USD per month and 324 USD in annual payments.


It’s Acuity’s most advanced plan, offering all the features of the previous subscriptions and also adding new ones focused on strengthening the branding of your business on the platform.

Even so, this subscription also includes the option to show the time zones of the different locations you manage.

The monthly price of this subscription is 61 USD, and its price per year is 588 USD.

Check out the link for more Acuity alternatives.

Setmore Vs Acuity: face off

Now that we know Setmore and Acuity better, it’s a lot easier for us to know their differences and see the strengths and weaknesses of each meeting scheduling app.


Setmore includes four service plans for all its users, with prices that scale as your business grows.

Acuity, on the other hand, includes only three subscription tiers, none of which are free. However, each accepts a 7-day free trial.


On a general tier, Setmore includes more useful features than Acuity, and it also has a broader focus as it can be adapted not only to services, being also useful if you want to optimize your way of scheduling meetings at work or with partners.

Acuity has a stronger focus on services, being a useful platform for spas, veterinary clinics, gyms, yoga workshops and similar spaces. Although it has fewer features than Setmore, the ones it offers are still useful.


Both apps offer an attractive and easy user experience whether you are used to these tools or not.

For service sector purposes, Acuity has a bit of an advantage, as Setmore’s interface is a bit more general with an eye on other business areas.

Which is the best?

Both Setmore and Acuity will help you manage your client appointments so you can take care of what matters most to you. Although there are differences between the two apps, both serve their purpose well.

If you want a platform adaptable to other industries and with multiple integrations, Setmore is a better choice. On the other hand, if you want something more focused on your area, Acuity will be a better fit.

Cronos: the best alternative for scheduling online meetings

While Setmore and Acuity can help you schedule meetings online, Cronos can do it much better.

Check out its features and find out why it’s the best meeting scheduling app you can use.


Cronos is an app to schedule appointments completely adaptable to your needs. Here’s how it works.

Cronos is the best option for you

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You just need to subscribe to create meeting events with details such as title, description, approximate duration and your time availability. This way, you’ll have an appointment form that you can share with your clients in places like:

  • Emails
  • Business cards
  • Social media
  • Websites

Any person with the link can schedule meetings with you on the days and times you have defined with just their name and email address. For each new meeting you schedule, you’ll receive an automatic notification in your email.

Furthermore, thanks to the automatic sync of Cronos with Google Calendar, you’ll receive a new event in your calendar and a Google Meet link to make video calls, all automatically and simply.


You can use Cronos completely free and access several interesting features. You can create meeting events, customize them and share them with a unique link; sync your Google Calendar, make video calls, among other things.

Furthermore, for an additional payment of $6.99 USD per month or $60 USD per year, you can include custom questions in your booking form, send automatic reminders, and invite and manage all your collaborators in Cronos!

It’s a wrap

Setmore and Acuity are two excellent apps for scheduling appointments with your clients. By including them in your workflow, you are optimizing your time and offering a modern and convenient experience for everyone.

If you like these apps, you will like Cronos even more, as it is a much easier to use and simpler platform than the other two for scheduling appointments online. It’s fast, secure and simple, everything you need to keep growing. Click here to start using Cronos!



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